ZBoard: World's first weight sensing electric skateboard is here!

We have seen many motorized skateboards over the last few years. Motorized skateboards allow riders to travel without having to scuff their soles on the pavement. Here is yet another innovative motorized skateboard, called the ZBoard, which has been designed by Hermosa Beach, California-based Intuitive Motion Inc. The ZBoard utilizes a highly intuitive weight sensor technique to get the board going.


The ZBoard is equipped with a pair of micro-controller-connected sensor foot pads at both ends. As the rider puts pressure on any foot pad, the board makes intuitive movements. This way, a rider can push the board ahead by just applying pressure (leaning towards) on the front footpad. To stop or slow down the board, the rider has to do just the reverse, i.e. to lean backwards the rear footpad to put pressure on the back sensor.

The ZBoard is powered by lithium-ion batteries to provide enhanced performance. Hermosa Beach showcases two models of the skateboard: the ZBoard Classic and ZBoard Pro. The Classic version offers maximum speed of 15 mph and it has a range of 5 miles, whereas the higher version provides top speed of 17mph and will run 10 miles on a single recharge.

The designer of the skateboards claims that their tires are capable of providing comfy rides even in rough terrains. The Intuitive Motion Inc. would sell the ZBoard Classic for $599 and the Pro for $849. As of now, both models are available for pre-orders and the firm will start delivery of the boards in March this year.

Via: Gizmag

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