Wireless Outdoor Speakers: Top 10 Reviewed

Want to have a musical time in the outdoors without facing any wire tangle problems? Wireless Outdoor Speakers are the ultimate solution for it. These versatile speakers are designed for fun in outdoors whether it’s a party by the pool side or you want to groove in the garden. They not only produce a massive sound response but they also complement your outdoor decor. Wireless Outdoor Speakers are available in a range of attractive designs and are designed for the best possible sound. Here we pick up the top 10 Wireless Outdoor Speakers:

Price: $99

Its Automatic Phases Lock Loop scanning system minimizes signal interference for delivering a clear and soothing musical sound.


Mutant Media Block cordless speakers are designed for optimum musical fun in outdoor settings. Featuring a bold look, these speakers produce a powerful sound response and an amazing sound quality. Even if you forget them outside, you don’t need to worry as they can easily withstand rain. These high range wireless speakers are easily compatible with any music or stereo system.

Technical Specifications

RMS output power: 10W

Input voltage: 9 V DC

Frequency response: 50 Hz to 12 kHz

Weight: 11lb

Company/Brand Name:Mutant
  1. Its Soft touch control panel allows for fine tuning.
  2. Its engineered sound diffusion plate distributes sound waves to a greater distance while maintaining the sound quality.
Price: $110

Its RF technology lets you roam in your house while ensuring perfect sound balance without any line of sight limitation.


These wireless outdoor speakers feature a sleek and stylish design and offer the finest sound quality. The speakers feature a heavy-duty weatherproof casing which allows for use in all forms of weather conditions. It offers virtually interference-free music and superb wireless audio sound for ultimate fun at picnics, pool parties, camping etc. It features individual volume controls for both speakers. Its simple plug and play feature has truly revolutionized the outdoor music experience.

Company/Brand Name:Royal Machines
  1. These wireless speakers have a good battery life.
  2. The complete set up is quite easy.
  3. The signal range is decent.
Price: $649

It incorporates four 3" drivers aligned in an Omni-directional way to deliver enhanced sound dispersion.


This weather resistant wireless speaker offers rich, multi-directional stereo sound in your yard, your patio or even on the boat. Its conveniently located controls and simple setup make it ideal for outdoor music parties. It easily connects to iPod, Mp3 player and even TV for an incredible musical experience. Its 350 feet of broadcast range allows for high range sound transmissions through almost anything. It features a built-in digital amplifier and an 8" downward-firing woofer for ultimate sound experience.

Technical Specifications:

Amplifier: 100watts

Woofer size: 8 inches

Diameter: 10 inches

Weight: 25.4 pounds

Company/Brand Name:Soundcast
  1. The set up is straightforward and absolutely simple.
  2. Its blue lighting illuminates the speaker for getting that extra ambiance at night.
  3. Its weather proof construction is ideal for outdoor events.
Price: $75

It’s Auto-lock PLL tuning mode offers incredibly crystal-clear audio reception up to a distance of 150 feet.


Acoustic Research AW825 is a high quality speaker which features a mission-style design and delivers crisp audio with incredible clarity. It's compatible with almost all electronic stereo devices and allows for seamless audio content transfer from them. It allows for adding up extra speakers and possesses a completely weather proof construction. It features a two-way speaker design and incorporates superb quality weather-resistant drivers.

Technical specifications:

Wattage: 5watt RMS

Maximum range: up to 150 feet

Frequency response: 40Hz-15 kHz

Broadcast frequency: 3 selectable

Company/Brand Name:Audiovox
  1. The speaker’s lantern shape design looks distinctive.
  2. It has a reasonably effective range.
Price: $90

This high performance wireless speaker offers incredible transmission distance of up to 200 foot.


The iLive iSA30B wireless speaker system features a nice smooth appearance and delivers exceptional sound quality. It comes with an ISM wireless transmitter that offers an impressive transmission distance (up to 200 feet) and independent volume setting for each speaker. Its weather resistant construction makes it ideal for prolonged outdoor usage for parties and happening events. The complete system requires 6 D batteries and incorporates a pairing/connect button on each speaker. It can easily couple with external music players with its in built 3.5mm jacks.

Company/Brand Name:iLive
  1. The design is visually appealing.
  2. The set up is extremely easy.
Price: $30

These versatile speakers can be easily mounted via a mounting bracket and can be swiveled in the direction where music is required.


The Dual speaker series is designed for delivering precise high fidelity sound in outdoors. It features a weather-resistant construction and design which offers optimum durability for outdoor use. Its three-way passive speakers include a 4-inch polypropylene woofer, a 20mm Piezo dome tweeter and a 25mm poly cone midrange for delivering a powerful sound output. The complete arrangement is enclosed by a UV-treated ABS enclosure. The unit delivers peak power of 100 watts and RMS power of 50watts.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Response: 100Hz - 20 kHz

Woofer: 4"(100mm) Polyelite PVA Surround

Midrange: 40mm polypropylene

Tweeter: 20mm Piezo Dom

Sensitivity: 85.5dB (2.83v @ 1 meter)

Nominal Impedance: 4-6 ohms

Company/Brand Name:Dual
  1. Its weather-resistant design makes it ideal for outdoor use in all weather conditions.
  2. The speakers are covered under a 1-year standard warranty.
Price: $150

The speaker’s portable planter design allows it to be placed easily in any sort of outdoor environment for enhancing both your musical and gardening experience.


Acoustic Research AW828 from Audiovox is a portable outdoor speaker which comes with a built-In planter for enhancing your gardening experience. It delivers high quality full rich sound for an amazing musical experience. The speaker receives crystal-clear reception in the range of 140-150 feet, which may vary depending on the working environment. It comes with separate volume control and Left/Mono/Right switch. It operates on 6AA batteries and is easily expandable.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Range: 150 feet

Frequency response: 40Hz – 15 kHz

Transmission frequency: 900MHz

Company/Brand Name:Audiovox
  1. The expandable system allows for adding up extra multiple units for enhancing the listening experience.
  2. The planter can be easily separated from the speaker whenever required.
Price: $80

This visual appealing wireless speaker incorporates a stylish and sleek design, making it extremely easy to place and carry from one place to another.


With Logitech wireless USB speakers, you can enjoy unlimited rocking music without any cords attached. This sleek, ultra portable and rechargeable speaker does the outdoor audio job with perfection. This plug-and-play cordless speaker can be coupled up with laptops and iPhone to deliver rich audio sound. It features dual high-performance drivers which offer deep bass sound with superb effects. It offers up to 50 ft. of wireless range.

Company/Brand Name:Logitech
  1. Its convenient stand makes the speakers orientation extremely easy.
  2. It comes with a rechargeable long-life battery.
Price: $68

These wireless speakers come with a down firing LED light which is completely adjustable and provides the perfect touch of light for a wonderful musical evening.


These high quality wireless outdoor speakers offer exceptional audio quality without speaker wires. These are designed for use in almost any weather condition and deliver a clear audio signal through any sort of obstacles. These wireless speakers offer superb audio performance and support various audio inputs like iPhone, Android phones, MP3 players and computers.

Company/Brand Name:Grace Digital
  1. The installed battery offers long service life.
  2. The set up is easy and quick.
Price: $129

The speakers installed drivers are angled up for delivering incredible sound at ground level.


AudioRock Wireless Outdoor speaker offers brilliant sound quality and adds up to your outdoor decor. It features a weatherproof and rustproof design making it ideal for outdoor usage. It comes in an exclusive granite finish to easily blend in with your outdoor environment. It incorporates a built-in wireless receiver and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery pack.

Company/Brand Name:Klipsch
  1. Its granite finish easily blends in with your outdoor environment.
  2. It is light in weight.


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