Wireless HDMI Transmitter: Top 5 Reviewed

Wireless HDMI is a digital marvel, doing miracles to free your living area from drilling holes and dangling HDMI cords. It lets you play high definition audio/video from a Blu-ray player, DVR, HD DVD player, cable box, or game console on your HDTV or HD projector using radio frequencies. You can broadcast up to full 1080p within 30 feet of distances. The device, thus, makes it simple to connect all electronic digital devices even when placed several feet away. Still in cocoon, the Wireless HDMI Transmitter is a modern world technology with just a few products available. The five best ones are compiled and reviewed below for your convenient shopping. Have a look!

Price: $389

The transmitter enables real-time instant transmission of HD media, securely without any interference. The picture brilliance and resolution is also maintained through the communication.


The HD Flow Wireless Multimedia Kit allows connection between your HDTV and set-top box, Blu-ray player, game console, etc. without any clutter of wires. It offers a simple plug-and-play setup and supports AC-3 Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Digital Audio up to 131 feet. The transmitter connects to the media source and sends signal to the receiver, connected to your HDTV. One transmitter can control four separate receivers placed anywhere in the house. The signal is strong enough to travel through walls and ceilings. The HD Flow also comes with a hardware (remote control) to control A/V devices in another room. The Flow works its way through a private 802.11n wireless network for a jitter-free high definition 1080p 60Hz video.

Company/Brand Name:Peerless
  1. It is built with a small, sleek design for gracing your home décor.
  2. The kit is backed with a one-year warranty.
  3. It also comes with a wired solution for distances greater that 131’.
Price: $190

It enables a Hybrid Transmission (Loop-through Connection), which can set up both wired and wireless connections synchronously or separately.


The Brite-View Area SyncHD transmits 1080p HD audio/video through the transmitter to the receiver. The system can transmit uncompressed content up to 66 feet (20m) in line of sight (LOS) without latency, using the built-in omni-directional antennas. Its transmission frequency is 4.9-5.9GHz, which can be adjusted automatically in case of any interference from another RF system. The receiver is compatible with almost all kinds of HDMI input, like, HDTV, LCD, plasma monitors or projectors. The compact design of the BV-2322 doesn’t occupy much space and remains hidden in a cabinet. The package includes both IR Sensor Extender Cable and IR Blaster Extender Cable. Therefore, the remote control can directly point from the AV source at the receiver directly for direct operation.

Company/Brand Name:Brite-View
  1. The system has less than 1ms latency, making it ideal for gaming and PC.
  2. HDMI 1.3 is also supported.
  3. Its IR technology enables easy remote control operation.
Price: $120

This Imitation transmitter enhances your viewing experience through its Extended Desktop Mode feature. You can either duplicate your image in mirror mode on the TV or create an extension of your desktop by dragging the content to the TV.


The Imation LINK(TM) Wireless A/V Extender is used to air-bridge your notebook or PC to a TV, projector or monitor. The Link delivers interference-free fast data with clear pictures and sound with up to 720p video quality, 1080p for still images, complete audio support and PC/Mac compatibility. Video transfer can also be made through a VGA connection and two-channel audio through the 3.5mm stereo audio output. It can stream content at 220Mbps up to 30 feet line of sight range. The receiver with a fin-shaped glossy back is beautiful in design and connects to your computer via HDMI or VGA input. It can also connect to your computer through a standard USB port. The entire set up is simple, with all the necessary drivers included on the USB transmitter.

Company/Brand Name:Imation
  1. The device has low power consumption.
  2. It is free of Wi-Fi interference.
  3. It is user-friendly and simple to operate.
Price: $427

This device does not require any line of sight for transmission and has an auto-tracking smart antenna to facilitate HD communication.


The Vanco Wireless Video Extender sends HDMI Audio/Video Signals wirelessly up to 100 feet (30m). The unit transmits through walls, thus, no line of sight is required. The system comes with a transmitter and an auto-tracking smart antenna to communicate realtime, visually lossless HD audio/video. Its carries out transmission complying to the IEEE802.11n Draft 2.0 and IEEE802.11a Standards, in 5GHz frequency band. This excellent communication link works with HD multimedia interface and blends with wireless compliant devices, HDCP compliant systems and transfers 1080p at 25Hz at a speed of 300Mbps.

Company/Brand Name:Vanco
  1. The transmitter includes 5 ft IR Emitter and Receiver Cables and a wireless antenna 2x3 MIMO.
Price: $180

HP Wireless TV Connect uses WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) technology. This transmits signals with a delay of less than 1-millisecond at a rate of 3GBps.


Enjoy HD movies, photos, YouTube and music from your laptop on your home entertainment system streaming at a high 1080p. HP Wireless TV Connect also allows streaming Blu-ray movies and Pandora music. It delivers great audio with 7.1 surround sound system support up to 30 feet without any line of sight. The two boxes, transmitter and receiver, are made of glossy black plastic. The transmitter has an HDMI and USB port, while the receiver has HDMI, USB and a power port. Installation is extremely simple, only requiring an HDMI port on your laptop and TV. Connect the adapters using the included HDMI cables and get started.

Company/Brand Name:HP
  1. It is Wireless Home Display Interface (WHDI) certified, ensuring its compatibility with other available WHDI certified devices.
  2. It also streams protected content.


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