Why Windows 8 tablets will be better than the New iPad

Beyond our occasional propensity to be Apple fanatics, let us be honest here as the new iPad is certainly the best tablet currently out there in the market. In fact, it is a device that has exceeded its company's exalted nature by the sheer amount of applied technologies, especially in its display. However, it was Microsoft that had started pushing for tablets long before Apple spoiled their party. And, now in the present state beyond any comparable OS, it is the year of their celebrated Windows 8. So, does Microsoft have what it takes to impress the 'newcomers' or would Apple still sustain its deftly fueled onslaught in the tablet market, no matter what early glitches it has? Let us go through some credible points to find out more.

Windows 8 tablets
Windows 8 tablets

Windows 8 is more customizable

As a consumer, it would be simpler to imagine that Windows 8 has taken the Android-esque route, with more personalized features that can be customized as per individual preferences. For example, we can tinker with tools and tiles in the Start screen, while also having the option of saving websites to this screen. On the other hand, the new iPad is powered by iOS 5.1 which has traditionally relied on its wide availability of apps and useful services, albeit with some stringent functionality. So, at the end of the day it does not equate to Windows being a better operating system. However, given its pedigree, we can certainly hope for a Windows experience which is as good as iOS.

Processor setup

The new iPad is easily the most powerful tablet in the line of iPads. Infused with a dual core A5X processor clocked at 1GHz, along with a PowerVR SGX543MP4 quad core GPU, the device holds its own against comparably boisterous processors such as the quad core Tegra 3 from Nvidia (found in tablets such as Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime). However, in this year's CES we also came across the much discussed Windows powered Lenovo Ideapad Yoga, which can be termed as a special hybrid between a laptop and a tablet. And, as for its powertrain, the developers tout the contraption to have the third generation quad core Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, clocked at 2GHz, along with a whopping 8GB of RAM. So, when it boils down to core processing attributes, a Windows based device is already looking to be ahead of the new iPad.

Display resolution and size

Without any doubt, the screen resolution is the area where Apple has struck gold with the new iPad. Currently, the whopping figures of the iPad's 9.7-inch screen's resolution of 2048 x 1536 at 264 ppi, complimented by the gorgeous Retina Display, is eons ahead of any commercially available device. However, Microsoft has already said that Windows 8 will support multiple display resolutions on tablets, with some of them even exceeding the levels set by Retina Display. Once again, reverting back to figures, Windows 8 will support a display of at least 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels at 291 ppi, and that too in a bigger 10.1-inch screens.

Windows 8 Devices function

Though this function may appeal to few people, but Windows does have the ability to easily access multiple files and add-ons in a single domain by utilizing its Devices function. In comparison, the iOS certainly doesn't have this advantage. But then again regular consumers and Apple aficionados may not be significantly perturbed by the non availability of this aspect in an iPad.


Apple products have always alluded to the rather expensive side of affairs. So, it really doesn't come as a surprise that the new iPad lowest 16GB model with only Wi-Fi connectivity has a price of around $499, while the cost of highest end 64GB model with both Wi-Fi and 4G gets notched up to $849. Now, when it comes to Windows 8 tablets, obviously the pricing factor is still unavailable to us. However, if we consider Microsoft's and its partners (like Nokia) present aggressive strategy in this mobile device field, market share rather than profitability takes priority in their book. And, going by this trend, there is a fair chance that Windows 8 tablets may come at an equal or lower price than the latest iPad.

Final thoughts

At the end of all the mentioned points we would repeat what we said at the beginning, the new iPad is the best tablet currently available in the market. In fact, its special attributes like a super powerful graphical processor or a wondrously detailed display is equally complimented by the sleek, gorgeous yet sober design furnished by Apple. However, as far as core technology is concerned, Microsoft is surely not going to hold back its punches. We have already harped about 'live' Metro tiles, touch friendly interfaces and customizable nature of Windows 8. Now, it remains to be seen that how all of these advanced features hold up after being supported by third party processors and devices.

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