Voice-authenticating USB drive opens up only when its password is uttered

Every computer user will have lots of confidential data to hide from others. Details regarding bank accounts, projects, financial records, contacts and others may need to be securely kept up. It is a bad idea to keep them in a regular flash drive that anyone can access if the owner drops it anywhere. It is here a new voice-authenticating USB drive will help you much. As you may guess, this USB stick will not open up without your voice telling its password to it.

Voice authenticating USB drive
Voice authenticating USB drive

Well, the voice-enabled USB stick is based on the advanced voice recognition feature that we are mostly familiar with Apple iPhone 4S Siri application. When regular flash drives open up as you connect it with a computer, the voice USB stick only opens up only it hears its password being spoken by its owner. In other words, after inserting the USB stick to your computer, you will have to simply utter the password to access the files inside the drive.

Simply, it will protect your secret data from robbers and hackers. Even if someone gets the drive and connects it with the computer, he/she can’t see what is inside the drive without your voice. To use the voice-enabled USB stick, you are required to install no app or utility, though. It just works as a regular USB stick, but opens up only when its password is uttered by its owner.

The USB stick is no more a surprise in a time we have laptops with face recognition feature and mobile phones with a variety of voice recognition capabilities. Anyway, the voice authenticating USB drive is available for $50 at Hammacher Schlemmer. The accessory works on any PC and Mac.

Via: Gizmodo/Hammacher

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