Universal Magnifi connects iPhone camera to any optical instrument existing hitherto

The iPhone is known for its photo taking capabilities which makes it a blank canvas for camera and related accessories. You might have seen many case-adapter combos for iphone that let you attach only few SLR lenses to your iphone. But Magnifi is the world’s first iPhone universal photoadapter case that can work on almost any optical device without any hassle and can easily slide into your rear pocket.


We have seen some Photoadapter brackets but some of them are actually big and difficult to carry around. This universal photoadapter case is first in its category that can easily connect your iphone camera with any optical gadget so that you can enjoy that unmatched experience of taking picture and video through the eyepiece. You name it and it’s there, it has wide repertoire of devices on its list namely microscopes, binoculars, telescopes and all the devices that come with an eyepiece.


If you are just thinking of giving this case a try, all you need to take your iphone from your pocket and slide Magnifi case over the eyepiece. With the help built-in camera app you can take that perfect shot and quench the thirst of that avid photographer who has always been longing for this kind of device. The unique selling preposition of this product is its low maintenance afocal design because you don’t have those extra lenses to keep clean.


Magnifi was designed in such a way that it can fix on any eyepiece which is 1"– 1.5" in diameter (25mm – 38mm). Its unique two piece design is made from impact-resistant Polycarbonate plastic. Magnifi comes with safety latch that firmly holds your fragile iphone. Magnifi case also provides you direct access to a How-To Video if you feel a bit anxious before a shot with the help of a QR code, which you can read by means of various app on AppStore. You can use this case for adventure expeditions, education, astronomy, R&D, medicine and so on. So, if you want to change the way you take images just put your hands on this far-fetched case and see how the world changes around you.

Via: Kickstarter

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