Toshiba TabletMan dares you to try the company’s new slates

Before the internet came along, companies relied on mascots personifying their products to draw people’s attention to their new launches. The trend faded away over time though marketing execs over at Toshiba clearly believe that the trend had a lot of substance to it. And that is precisely why they used the “TabletMan” to promote its new range of slates in markets around the world. Toshiba may not be in the same league as Samsung and Apple when it comes with tablets which is why the novel promotional method makes all the more sense. The Toshiba TabletMan also brings a touch of humanity to the promotion of technology.

Toshiba TabletMan dares you to try the company’s new slates
Toshiba TabletMan dares you to try the company’s new slates

Introduced during a promotional event in Singapore in the 3rd week of November that was covered by major local news networks, the Toshiba TabletMan’s Facebook page acquired more than 50,000 fans in just over a fortnight which of course means that the promotion fulfilled its aim of getting the product talked about. Created to expand the understanding and brand awareness of Toshiba’s tablet line globally, the TabletMan also allows users the chance to sample the company’s products first hand.

The TabletMan of course is nothing but a bloke covered entirely in a black spandex outfit very reminiscent of superhero costumes with a bunch of LED sensors and tablets spread all over his person that allow him to serve as a human kiosk which is way cooler and thrilling than trying a tablet out at an immobile, inarticulate kiosk made of wood, plastic and metal. As a mascot and a global communication character, the TabletMan is definitely a hit with crowd and we do see other companies using similar promotional methods in the future to make their products stand out from the crowd.

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