Spray-on Antenna revealed at Google Solve For X Conference

If you ever grumbled about signal woes during conversing on an important phone call, then here’s something that should prance at your rescue. To sew up poor cellphone reception and problems with traditional antennas, Chamtech Enterprises has finally unveiled the innovative Spray-on Antenna ‘Sandy’ for users worldwide. The new technology was recently displayed during Google’s inaugural Solve For X Event.

Spray-on Antenna
Spray-on Antenna

Enshrounded in a condensed form factor, the energy efficient spray-on model can conveneintly be positioned onto a wall, a tree, or even the ground. By relying on the antenna’s potent capabilties, users will be enabled to receive stable and reliable reception for a wide array of solutions. The lightweight solution can even be used by weather and oceanographic researchers, manufacturers of consumer electronics, rescue workers and underwater welders.

Perfect for people who yammer over weak signal connections, the latest nano-technology could also be applied to enhance the mobile devices’ functionality by around 10 percent. That may certainly satisfy iPhone or other smartphone users who pestered by dropped phone calls.

Designed to trim down the energy consumption, Sandy by Chamtech Enterprises benefits from the organic elements. By manipulating which, the technology has been enabled to procreate distinct kinds of magnetic and radio frequency fields.

Not to slip by, the integrated material will furthermore allow users to seamlessly paint antennas on almost any surface. Connecting a cable with a flexible circuit gets simpler too. Though the company is yet to divulge details on the proper mechanism, the system however appears to be extremely compelling.

Showcased during Google Solve For X Event, the new Spray-on Antenna ‘Sandy’ is anticipated to witness its availability sometime soon in the near future. Nevertheless, the cost as well as the precise period has been kept well under wraps for now. But hopefully whenever it releases, the technology will ensure minimized signal woes among users.

Source: WSJ

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