Sponsored Video: LG brings facebook newsfeed in 3D

3D is something which is coming in our technologies and in our life everyday in new way. We have already seen many movies in cinema and on television on 3D, and have felt the difference in our interaction with the images. Not only we are more focused and communicating with the images, but also feel and understand things in different way.

Taking this as a mission LG has set up LG 3D Studios to create “ a series of experimental platform to test the new possibilities of 3D technology”. To show the experiment off, LG 3D beta trialled the app with selected members of the Amsterdam creative community. Even if you don’t have a 3D TV, you can try it yourself in 2D Here

What I found most interesting with the Facebook newsfeed in 3D experiment is that how we can use such technology in showing the relevance, or importance of newsfeed for one. It is like making infographic, but live and as per the need of the user, adding another D ( Dimension) to existing 2D representation of news.

I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of such apps and new experiments building the path of 3D technology in our life in total new way.

Do check the video here

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