South Korea tests world's first prison guard robot

We have seen robots being deployed from hospitals to space in the past, but this time they are being put to use as prison guards. The credit goes to South Koreans who came up with this idea as these robots are even ready for their demo tests. The correction service robot observes the behavior of prisoners round the clock and communicates the warning to the remotely controlled center.

Prison guard robot
Prison guard robot

These robots not only ensure the safety and well being of the prisoners but also relieve personnel working in such conditions of stress. 3D cameras embedded into it along with custom software assist the robot to make decisions and observe the emotional aspects and abnormal behavior of the prisoners. The head of the robot comprises of a cameras, microphone and an antenna. Besides these it also houses a speaker, distance measurement sensor and an obstacle measurement sensor.

The prisoners have a high probability of committing suicide or assault on fellow prisoners. The robots observe such behavior, analyze it and report it to the control room as soon as possible. The officers can communicate to the prisoners from control room itself with the robot. In case if you're thinking whether or not you can use your iPad to control the robot, the answer is yes. Looking further, these robots are expected to even perform the body searches in the future, though the technology and the prison are far from ready for this change.

Via: Reuters

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