Solar Bag can purify water while it’s being transported

In the developing world, access to safe drinking water is a major concern and people often have to walk many miles per day to bring potable water back to their homes and families. According to reports, water-borne diseases kill more people in Africa than war and violence which is a very telling sign of the scarcity of pure water in the region. Water purification using UV rays is one of the more popular methods these days though most such apparatus are not geared to meet the challenges faced by people who need to walk several miles per day to get water. Created by Marcus Triest and Ryan Lynch, the Solar Bag is one creation that seeks to tackle the problem of water purification while it is being transported from the source to homes by the locals.

Solar Bag purifies water while you walk
Solar Bag purifies water while you walk

The bag is made from polyethylene with a high clarity layer on the outside and a black layer of the same inside. The clear layer allows maximum passage of UV rays while the black side absorbs the heat from the sunlight which heats up the water and hastens the process of water purification. The Solar Bag can contain 2.5 gallons of water at a time which allows it to be easily transported like a sling backpack. To release clean water, a spigot at the bottom of the bag can be used. The bag takes six hours to purify the entire content of the bag and for instant purification; the designers have added a mini filter kit and a balloon pump. The designers state that the bag can be manufactured locally in Africa for less than $5 per bag which would reduce emissions and shipping costs.

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