Solacase: SolaWerks unveils its solar charger for the Apple iPhone

There is never an end to all the multitude of accessories that are rolled out for the iPhone. Most of them are cases that are specifically targeted at certain section of the iPhone buyers like ‘Star Wars’ fans or those who love ‘bling’. Some are fancy, others odd and many are limited to a very narrow niche. While you may not be an environmentalist of someone with ‘tree-hugging’ intent, you can always use extra bit of charge for your iPhone. The funny thing is that it always seems to run out of charge when you need to make that ultra-important phone call. With Solacase, now all you need is a bit of sunshine to avoid that.


SolaWerks knows what it is doing as they have already rolled out solar cases for both the iPad and the Kindle Fire. It seems that an iPhone solar case would have been out sooner, but we had to wait till now for the arrival of Solacase. The good thing about the photovoltaic-powered case is that it will set you back by just $29.99 and that is not a bad investment for some much needed charge when you are away from sockets and plugs.

It is also available in various colors and while we are not yet given exact figures on how many hours in the sun will charge up your battery fully, an efficient photovoltaic panel does get the work done pretty quickly. Moreover, when it is really a matter of getting that little bit of extra charge, it really does come in as a life saver. There are plenty of iPhone solar cases out in the market now and here is another one that offers you more options.

Via: Letsgodigital

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