Smart Dot laser pointer turns your iPhone's display into a virtual mouse or trackpad

'Appcessory', as its name alludes is a blend of 'app' and 'accessory.' It points to a trend of combining capabilities of an app and accessory in mobile industry. Tangram, a South Korean user experience firm has coined up the term appcessory to designate its new Smart Dot laser pointer for iPhone. It is a product that combines iPhone and a presentation pointer through mixing the features of an app and a stylus-like tool.

Smart Dot
Smart Dot

In help of a special iPhone app, the Smart Dot tool generates a virtual cursor-like functional pointer on a presentation display or computer monitor. This way, you can surf on the displays with your iPhone. The Smart Dot application for the system can be downloaded from iTunes for free. The Smart Dot tool just needs to be plugged into the 3.5mm headphone mini-jack of your iPhone.

The Smart Dot tool doesn’t only provide a computer mouse experience. It enables a virtual trackpad on your iPhone’s screen, which you can use to surf on presentation displays or other large screen. What really happens with the Smart Dot tool is a kind of duplication of a virtual mouse and trackpad experience on your iPhone's screen.

Tangram has created the Smart Dot tool with a highly modular design. The device draws power from iPhone and so it doesn't sport a physical battery. For easy handling, the Smart Dot device touts a handy rubber strap, which is such flexible that you can twist and turn it as you wish. It also acts as a wireless mouse or trackpad for your desktop or laptop over Wi-Fi connectivity. For more details about the tool, just move into the video clip below, which comes from Tangram.

Smart Dot iPhone pointerSmart Dot: A Pointer For Both The Real And Virtual Worlds

Via: FastCompany

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