Singapore based duo create a cost effective 3D printer that gives high quality detailing

3D printing is fast becoming one of those cutting-edge yet practical technologies that insinuate a whole scope of low labor and high quality output. However, this time we have come across an innovative conception that also alludes to cost effective side of affairs. Christened as the 'Veloso 3D printer', this advanced contraption is a fruit of collaboration between two Singapore based designers: Junior Veloso and Pedro Braga.

Singapore based duo create a cost effective 3D printer
Singapore based duo create a cost effective 3D printer

As its basic function, the printer utilizes a DLP projector to create well detailed components out of special light-curing photopolymers. In fact, it is this DLP projector that replaces conventional stereolithography as the cost effective light source. Moreover, the resin used in the process is also of a lower cost variety as compared to the traditional ones used in 3D printing.

Finally coming to the end product, according to the designers, it should first be cured in ultra-violet rays, before giving finishing touches like paint. However, beyond mere technicalities it is the breathtaking detailing of the piece that really holds us in awe (just check out the above image). Obviously, the aforementioned photopolymers play a huge part in this, which are much better in extrusion than those plastic filaments used in other 3D printers. And, after considering that all of these come in a $600 package as a DIY kit; we say the Veloso is certainly a winner in our book.

Veloso 3D printerWatch for its functionality

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