Sceptre 32-inch HDTV features an integrated DVD player

If you have any experience living in a small city apartment that literally doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a full-fledged, suburban home-sized entertainment system, you will certainly appreciate the new offering from Sceptre. The company has recently released a new HDTV with a 32-inch display and an integrated DVD player. The space saving all-in-one home E325BD-HD entertainment center is designed to provide the best crystal clear image quality without asking for a lot of space as a prerequisite.

Sceptre E325BD-HD
Sceptre E325BD-HD

Featuring a true widescreen 16:9 ratio, the 1366 × 768 resolution 720P LED display comes with three handy HDMI ports that allows users to hook it up to a notebook to use as a secondary display, a display for video game consoles and as well as TV peripherals. However, with its built-in DVD player, the Sceptre E325BD-HD does make setting up a home entertainment system more economical in terms of space.

What makes the Sceptre E325BD-HD even more exceptional is the fact that it measures just 2 inches thick and weighs a mere 20.3 pounds making it super easy to move around the home as well. Consuming just $11 worth of energy annually, the super energy efficient E325BD-HD also sets something of a benchmark for HDTVs in its segment in terms of functionality and ease of use. The Sceptre E325BD-HD may not exactly be a steal at $599 but its multi-faceted Sceptre E325BD-HDted functioning sure makes it a great deal for city dwellers.

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