Pulse: A heart rate sensor ring to keep you in fitness zone

Progress in technology makes complex things far smoother. It is now so easy to perform many things that had been heavily hectic in the past. Pulse heart rate sensor concept is a stunning example for this fact. The wearable accessory with a mobile app can help you stay in your most optimal fitness zone always. The Pulse heart rate sensing technology can be embedded into any ornament. Developers of the technology have turned a ring to perform the role of Pulse heart rate sensor.


With Pulse, you needn’t make much calculation in your head to find your fitness zone. The sensor can scan your heart beats and will update you with the details on a wonderful app. It will let you keep your body in fitness zone either by burning more calories or taking in more calories. Whatever be the situation or place, the Pulse will be your worthy companion in resting your body in its fitness zone for all time. Well, there is no bulky hardware and nothing else to wear in. It is just a ring on your finger and an app on your handset.

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Wearable accessory that monitors your heart rate

Of course, the ring makes all its interactions with you through the rich mobile app. The ring avails you visual and haptic feedback that will let you stay within the fitness zone while you are working out. The app has a three color indication system- white, blue and red. Once you are in fitness mode, the app will pulse white. If you are below it, there will be the blue indication and red once you are above it. Well, red indicator means you are working intensely hard and need to balance your body fitness.

However, the ground-shattering heart rate sensing ring is still in its prototype mode. Developers of the technology have tested the invention using a new open source Pulse Sensor. This Kickstarter funded project was designed for ring interaction. Proponents of the heart rate ring tested the application during a variety of fitness activities like running, gym, biking and others. Of course, the prototype testing brought better results and the designers are working to finalize the brilliant project.

As of now, there are many shortcomings for the heart rate sensor ring. According to its advocates, the ring will show error once it is tightly squeezed against the finger. The problem was mainly noted while its user running a bike. While holding the handle, the ring sensor is tight with the finger and thus it brings bad results. The drawback was solved by placing two wires into the ring to keep it from the pressing to the skin. Moreover, this heart sensor prototype hasn’t been tested in rain or wet conditions. There are chances that moisture could lead to errors in results.

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