Ouya developer console to begin shipping December 28

For all those gamers that have found corporation created gaming consoles a little too inflexible for their liking, the Ouya developer console will come as a breath of fresh air. The project first came into spotlight when its creator Julie Uhrman introduced it via the community funding portal Kickstarter and asked folks to contribute to the project. The console basically allows programmers to develop their own games and modify the console to their liking. The console is currently in its engineering verification stage and its makers have announced that the developers consoles will in fact come laced with Android Jelly Bean OS.

Ouya the developer console to begin shipping December 28
Ouya the developer console to begin shipping December 28

Even though gaming consoles are notorious for launch delays, Ouya is right on schedule. The first of these units will begin shipping December 28 that will reach most customers within 48 hours with buyers in parts of Turkey and Russia receiving them a little later than that. The project has raised more than $5 million since it was first launched on Kickstarter. Developers asked potential buyers to pledge whatever they could to the project which would later secure them the first copies of the console whenever it launched. The console will run almost every app and programs that an Android based smartphone can apart from a range of games.

The open platform console will be shipped along with an Ouya Development Kit with advance developers’ console being shipped with a special, undisclosed surprise. The developer kit is still in the testing phase though by the time buyers get their versions of the console, the development kit will be downloadable via the company’s web portal. A support forum as well as a game hub that will allow users to upload their own gaming titles will also be launched soon. According to the pre-order page, the first shipments of the console starts shipping on December 28 though the console will receive a global launch in April 2013. The open platform Ouya Developers Console costs $99.

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