Orbotix’s robotic ball Sphero steers a modded RC car

It is fantastic to watch Sphero, a famous robotic ball from Orbotix, steering a modded RC car. Sphero operates the car acting similar to a trackball in a computer mouse. As the trackball turns and rotates the car makes it way ahead. Since you can control Sphero with smartphones, the entire RC car also comes under the control of your handsets.

Sphero Car
Sphero Car

Thanks to Sphero, the toy car makes the movements of a real car wonderfully. Well, you can move the car ahead, reverse and turn it to the sides on a few taps on your iPhone or Android phone’s screens. In fact, the Sphero-driven car is not an official Orbotix product. It was hacked together by a crazy Junior Developer of the firm named Skylar.

Apart from the trackball, the Sphero car contains an Arduino board and an H-bridge. The Sphero is an entertainment ball Orbotix launched two weeks back. The ball is a brilliant tool for gaming thanks to its integration of augmented reality and others. Don’t miss to watch the video below. It will show you how the Sphero pulls the RC car.

Sphero Learned How To Drive A CarSphero Learned How To Drive A Car

Via: BusinessInsider

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