Microsoft streamlining efforts on new home automation OS

Microsoft researchers have been working for many years on their home-automation OS and are testing a prototype in a few of homes. In a new white paper published by Microsoft on Microsoft research site, they have divulged details on how their HomeOS will work to make home automation a reality. More than ten years back Microsof...
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Anonymous unveils Ubuntu-based OS, Anonymous-OS for unknown purposes

Notorious Internet meme Anonymous has uncovered its own operating system, dubbed the Anonymous-OS Live for unidentified purposes. It is based on Ubuntu 11.10 and uses Mate desktop. Developers of the software reportedly warn users not to use the tool to attack any web sites. At the same time, it is described that the new OS is...
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New and exciting HTC Sense 4.0: What you should know

HTC sense is a new graphical user interface (GUI) for mobile devices which run Windows Mobile, Brew and Android. It is an updated and upgraded version of the TouchFlo 3D on which it has been based. The HTC EVO 3D and the HTC Sensation are some of the smartphones that will feature the HTC Sense 4.0 which has major functional a...
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BlackBerry 10 OS: The refreshing, exciting and expected

Research in Motion, the Canadian phone maker is planning an inspirational comeback after a tough year, resting its hopes on its new operating system (OS), the Blackberry 10. This proprietary, upcoming mobile OS that has been developed for the Blackberry line of smartphones and handheld tablet devices is based on QNX. QNX was ...
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Windows Phone 8 'Apollo': What's new and noteworthy

We have seen the likes of Mango and Tango, but now it is time for the Windows Phone system’s newest iteration in the form of ‘Apollo’. Notching up to a full figure of 8 (from Windows Phone 7.6), the OS is set to go through some major improvements and alterations, as opposed to minor updates of the previous v...
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Welcome to the future: Windows 8 can now be deftly controlled by our eyes!

Over the years we have come across technologies that have actually accentuated upon of our level of machine interaction, but not at the cost of extra physical motion. After all, our modern lifestyle is all about hurrying. And we are certainly making that transition from mundanely typing on our keyboards to swiftly swipin...
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Android Ice Cream Sandwich: Hits and misses, as we know them

Touted as the first truly ‘collective’ Android version which caters to both smart phones and tablets, the Ice Cream Sandwich is certainly a welcome change in the scheme of things for Google (and from Google). But beyond just product showcasing, ICS has ...
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Cool things you didn't know Android Ice Cream Sandwich could do

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the most recent update to Google’s popular mobile OS, continues to create ripples in tech world. Debuted on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the ICS looks like the most refined Android version ever, as Google has shown off. A redesigned...
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Running Android on PC, are you ready?

Well, the bells of inevitability are ringing far and wide across the electronic realm. And, this time the sonorous sound is that of net giant Google slowly but surely taking over the computing domain. In this respect, we should not actually limit Google as just a internet giant. Because it started out with its search engine, ...
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Sneak peek at the all new Ice Cream Sandwich for tablets

The latest operating system from Google and one which is also slated to be uber cool, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has released a sneak peak for android buffs. The press image is available on Slashgear for all its aficionados. Google has officially given out am image of the two devices to the website. The news of...
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