Nike+ digital sports shoes show workout data on iPhone

Prominent sportswear and equipment firm Nike has unveiled a set of digitally-connected sports shoes for basketball and workouts. The Nike+ footwear can collect several details regarding the physical performance of a basketball player or an athlete. Most amazingly, the recorded data can be viewed on your iPhone or iPod touch thanks to the accompanying Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training apps.

Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training shoes
Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training shoes

The Nike+ basketball and workout shoes gather the data through an accelerometer and four pressure sensors on the outsole. Well, as the athlete plays or works out, his/her shoes will record many important details. The shoes can record data like distances, steps, jump heights and many others. Certainly, the best part with the Nike+ footwear is that the collected info can be easily accessed on user’s handset.

The data can be used to compare the performance of various players in a team. Coaches or mentors can utilize the data to motivate their wards further. As well, athletes can themselves realize how fit they are in various physical exercises. Of course, the new Nike+ shoes will largely help users to have a check on their physical performances throughout a training session.

Nike has been a key innovator in designing various sports wears and tools. The company launched Nike+ as a set of running sports products, which include special footwear, armbands, watches, apps for iPhone and iPod touch and much more. The goal of Nike+ is to simply help users to record their performances and using this analysis for further improvements.

The new Nike+ footwear line will be up for grabs with retailers or in App Stores in the U.S. and U.K. by mid this year. Other markets like Germany and the mainland China will also get the products by then.

Via: Mashable

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