Next generation of password technology to use brain as password

Facial recognition, fingerprint scanner and eye scan are commonly used when it comes to securing passwords that can not be faked. But, forget these as the researchers are devising ways to use brain waves and heartbeats to recognize people. Strange, but its true.

Brain could become your password
Brain could become your password

Computer science professor at the British university, Dr. Ken Revette founder of International Journal of Cognitive Biometrics, said that time will come when most of the input devices will not be required. Reactions to a particular image can be used as password. Ramaswami Palaniappan of the University of Wolverhampton, UK and Navin Cota of the Mind Research Network in New Mexico are working to mark attention by using brain signals.

Navin says it's possible to build a two level password system using images. By choosing two pictures, one of a wonder, say Taj Mahal and the other of a friend, for instance. To verify one would select the picture of Taj Mahal presented out of a set, then one will see a different set of pictures, showing friend. The system is secure as only the person who chooses the image knows which one is picked, if in case someone gets it randomly right the brain reaction would look wrong.

While looking at a correct picture the reaction of the brain is different from someone else who does not know which picture they are looking for. In both cases the change in electric potential of brain will only happen for the right person. The challenge would be picking up the signals without requiring a cap as EEG’s require contact with the scalp.

Another area in securing password is by using person's heartbeats. The heartbeat of an individual looks same between one beat and the other but there is a little difference as measured on a electrocardiogram. There are two humps on a heartbeat, one is thin and tall and the other one is short and some distance away which is not same for every person. So, for securing password, brain and heartbeat will be very helpful in the future.

Via: ABCScience

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