Newest Kinect for Windows Media Center allows you to control through hand gestures!

Rumors are mercurially cavorting about Windows Media Center's supposed replacement with the more comprehensive Xbox Live in Windows 8. However, initiating the much needed spark of glory in its supposedly last days, the Media Center app is now about to get the exalted Kinect technology for support. We already covered the momentously strategic 'Kinect for Windows' move from Microsoft. And as a significant part of this huge venture, the company finally released the commercial version of Kinect for Media Center.

Kinect for Windows Media Center
Kinect for Windows Media Center

However, beyond all the brouhaha over marketing tactics, it is the fascinating scope of user convenience that we are really interested in. In relation to this, when we consider Kinect entering into the picture, it automatically insinuates an enhanced level of user-media center interaction.

In simpler terms, this new technological fusion will allow users to control their Media Center from the comforts of their sofa, without the requirement of either touch or remote. Sounds incredible? Of course, it does! By this new $6.99 system, you can now use hand gestures and voice commands to control the expansive app. In fact, such personalized gestures can also be utilized for the various programs within the Media Center, like Netflix, My Movies and Media Browser.

From the technological perspective, the developers have designed a regulatory system of voice response that filters out the command sounds from the movies or songs. As for the overall mechanism's technical requirement, a computer with a dual-core, 2.66-GHz or faster processor is needed with at least 2 GB of RAM.

Via: TheDigitalLifestyle/TheMediaCenterProject

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