New Sony VIAO E Series 14 surfaces with Gesture Control

Sony has brought out a new version of its VAIO E Series 14 laptop range with Gesture Control as its flagship attribute. The extremely cute and colorful line of VAIO E Series 14 will respond to the users’ hand gestures in front of its integrated HD webcam. Well, to turn the pages, begin and close slide shows, you can just wave your hands in front of the device, Sony claims.

Sony VAIO E Series 14
Sony VAIO E Series 14

The Gesture Control will let you turn a webpage or an image with a flick to the right or left of the camera. As well, if you pull your fingers down and up, the notebook will manage your music and slide shows.Gesture controls are meant for only some limited programs, which include Internet Explorer 9, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player and PowerDVD.

The new Sony VAIO E Series 14 series comes up with a 14-inch display and weight of around 2.3kg. The machine is a wonderful product with features like Rapid Wake + Eco function, which will keep your work saved for up to 10 days putting the machine in sleep mode. Whenever you want you can just open up its lid and resume the work.

The built-in battery of the VAIO E Series 14 will offer power for seven hours. Making it a more eco-friendly notebook, Sony has added a light sensor that dims the backlight of the device's keyboard as per the requirement of different environments. That means in daylight the keyboard may not emit much light.

Sony is to release the VAIO E Series 14 in a variety of fascinating colors and a new wrap-around design. You can find the laptop in colors like white, pink and black with its touchpad, keyboard and borders of the lid a stint of various colors. Sony is to evidently sell the VAIO E Series 14 for a small price of £649 ($850) when it is up for grabs.

Via: Pocket-lint

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