New iPhone 5 likely to get 1GB RAM, iPod touch to get a 5,1 upgrade

It looks like Apple is going to unveil the new iPhone and iPod touch at the WWDC in June 2012. Weeks ahead of the event, rumors over the new iOS devices continue to sway the web. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is testing the new iPhone in the iPhone 4/4S design even if it is not meant to feature the same design. Meanwhile, the new iPod touch is being developed with an internal name iPod touch 5,1.

new iPhone and iPod touch rumors
new iPhone and iPod touch rumors

Apple has seeded internal prototype of iPhone 5 in the older casing of iPhone 4/4S to get rid of leaks, the report says. Of course, as Apple fans craved, Apple would have a new form factor for the next generation iPhone. There is a less chance that iPhone 5 will pack the A5X variant of Apple’s own mobile processor, which we have seen in the new iPad. A new variant called the A5X’s S5L8945X is evidently to power the new iPhone, which is labeled N96 internally. The most interesting thing is that the new iPhone will get 1GB of RAM similar to the new iPad.

When it comes to the new iPod touch, the entertainment device, internally labeled iPod 5,1, will get a complete overhaul from the current version. The exiting version of iPod touch doesn't feature any internal or cosmetic changes. So Apple will certainly renovate the new iPad touch possibly with an A5X processor and premier graphical performance. Anyway, it appears that we can certainly look for the new iPhone and iPod touch in June itself. Apple will be surfacing the new iOS devices at its Developers Conference.

Via: 9to5Mac

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