NetZero 4G HotSpot comes with contract-free data plans

NetZero, the former provider of dial-up internet access services, has stepped up with a brand new broadband tool, called the NetZero 4G HotSpot. The NetZero wireless broadband tool is a solid cellular modem, which is smaller and is compatible for all your on-the-go Internet use. What is spectacular with the NetZero 4G HotSpot its nice data speeds and contract-free broadband services.

NetZero 4G HotSpot
NetZero 4G HotSpot

NetZero 4G HotSpot, which can hook up to eight Wi-Fi devices, looks almost like the Clear Spot 4G Apollo. It has a nice and handy form factor with the dimensions of 3.4 x 3.4 x .7 inches and it weighs at 4.4 ounces. Maybe, the NetZero Wi-Fi hotspot device may not fit in your pocket, but it will slip well into your handbag. The device packs a large 2200mAh battery, which ensures battery life up to 6 hours and 23 minutes on single charging.

The hotspot modem mounts two buttons; a Power button and a Mute button. The tool also features an external antenna port on the bottom part for better reception of signals. Above all, the device sports a 2-inch LCD on the top, which is meant to show details like battery life, count of devices connected, signal strength, time and others.

Beyond everything, the NetZero 4G HotSpot, which runs on Clearwire's WiMAX, has five attractive data plans. On purchasing the device for $100, you get a free data plan for a year with 200MB for a month. The other plans include $9.95 for 500MB for a month, $19.95 for 1GB, $34.95 for 2GB and finally a $49.95 plan for 4GB of data.

Via: PCMag

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