NES Guitar is made from recycled Classic Nintendo System

When two of the world’s greatest instruments meet, it makes an awesome creation. “NES Guitar” is a combination of two extreme worlds, one is gaming and the other is music. The NES Guitar is made from classic Nintendo Systems and there is a collection of them available on the site getlofi, where you can also buy (if not sold already) or order them.

NES Guitar
NES Guitar

An NES Guitar is a beautiful custom built electric guitar and is fully functional. Only one switch/knob proves the simplicity it holds and controls the clean vs distorted sounds. Original buttons of Nintendo turn on/off the fuzz circuit, pitches volume and tone.

NES Guitar
NES Guitar

Whole procedure to build the guitar is not enclosed but the elements used are wholly detailed. Foremost elements used are: a reused NES Case, reused typical guitar neck, Maple or Rosewood body within, a hard-tail bridge, output Jack and volume knob, buttons from the controller itself, adjustable height pickup. All the elements are placed very delicately, in a form to build beautiful custom guitars. Price of the guitar varies from $180 for humbucker model and $155 for a single-coil model.

A video here shows working of the NES Guitar, a famous song “Eye of the Tiger” is played and executed.

NES GuitarNES Guitar made from Nintendo system

Via: GuitarWorld

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