O2’s new HTC phone will not be sold with a bundled charger

Even if you’re not a gadget collecting freak, chances are that you change your phone at least once every 2-3 years to keep up with the technological advances in the sector. And as every owner of multiple phones knows, the accessories that an average phone comes bundled with are hard to sell off on eBay, which means that mos...
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HTC One X+ set to be retailed for £480

The HTC One X+ has not been officially announced yet though a couple of pictures of the new smartphone have already found their way on to the blogosphere. Leaked on Twitter last week, the blurry images show the front and back of the new phone although it has been claimed that the images have been acquired via a “trusted sou...
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ECOXPRO Waterproof Speaker Case to convert your smartphone into a stereo

Here is a piece of good news for music addicts, who want their favorite list to accompany them wherever they go. If you like listening to your most beloved tunes even when under water, then ECOXPRO Waterproof Speaker Case from Grace Digital Audio will leave you jumping in utmost joy. Normally, all electronic gadgets come with...
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Sony Xperia Play- A future odyssey

The extent of innovation in today’s mobile phones is unbelievable and exciting at the same time. What could be better than a game-pad as well as a keyboard installed on a single phone? Game lovers would be excited to know that Sony Xperia was about to launch a QWERTY keypad along with the gaming pad installed on th...
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LG launches a gracious mobile phone for visually impaired

There are plenty of people in the world who are not able to see what we can see. For visually impaired people Korean manufacturer, LG has made a phone which includes user manual written in Braille, making it one of the most notable mobile for the people with disabilities. The stylish LG-LU2700S has been modified through voice...
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Fujitsu's new technology allows any smartphone to shoot in 3D

In recent years, the chance to see 3D images in film and television is growing. There are number of smartphones available in the market today if you want to take 3D videos. But because not all have 3D phones, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has developed a technology that can capture 3D video camera with cell phones and smartphones...
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Sonim XP5520 Bolt: A Guinness World Record holder toughest phone in the world

The famous innovator of rugged phones Sonim has now announced the world’s toughest handset called the Sonim XP5520 Bolt. The company will market the ultra-rugged handset in Canada through Bell Mobility. The device is specifically ironed out to meet the special communication needs of people working in the tough conditions an...
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iPhone 5 likely to be built with Liquidmetal materials, not glass!

The next generation iPhone 5 is rumored to be built with more metal substance, recent reports suggest. Korea’s ET News has even gone on to say that the iPhone 5 will be made of Liquidmetal materials thanks to Apple’s deal with the Liquidmetal Technologies, which produces the strong amorphous metal alloys. Samsung is also ...
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Lava unveils the XOLO X900, the world’s first handset with Intel Medfield

Lava International has unveiled the world’s first smartphone with Intel’s new Medfield chip. Dubbed XOLO X900, Lava has left behind Intel co-partners like Lenovo, Motorola and Orange to launch the first phone on the chip maker’s new mobile microprocessor. Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced the company’s foray into the...
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Boeing forays into mobile phone sphere, chooses Android platform

After procreating a niche in modern aviation and space travel through avant garde commercial airplanes and large-scale systems, Boeing Company seems to have broadened its horizon. The aerospace giant recently plunged into the smartphone business with a new mobile phone. But, you better don’t jump and bound high as the lates...
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