Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle finally ready for first flight

The longer you wait for something, the better the outcome. At least, that’s what exactly looks for the mammoth surveillance airship which was getting its wings prepared under the U.S. Army. After a year-long wait, Northrop Grumman has finally got adjusted to embark upon its very first flight of the 300-foot long Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle for the United States Army.

Northrop Grumman LEMV
Northrop Grumman LEMV

The hybrid airship endeavors to reform the future of ISR and integrates data-links and sensors for its spying possibilities. Based on the mighty HAV304, the ready helium-filled robot blimp has been devised to provide surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance support for land forces. The revolutionary aviation concept features an aerodynamic design, efficient hull materials and off-the-shelf sensors for augmenting the robustness and sturdiness of its overall structure.

Although the pilot less airship gobbled down a bit too much of time for its foremost flight, the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle however blew almost everyone’s mind with a hard date range. Reportedly, subsequent to a brief trial around Lakehurst, the massive spy blimp will head towards south to Florida to be conjugated with a custom-designed Gondola incorporating the blimp’s radios and cameras.

While the United States Army could look forward to ordering up more copies, the hybrid airship might have to encounter certain challenges. If we go by what Northrop Grumman has to say, the promising air vehicle may be subject to buffeting by thunderstorms and strong wind (as air crafts are customarily rattled and unhinged by weather changes). Though airships have had checkered past, Northrop is still expectant and keeping the faith in LEMV’s ability to survive the elements.

However as of now, the company is anticipating to elongate its horizons and look far beyond the initial Afghanistan trial as LEMV can do a lot more than spying and hovering. For those who are yet to learn the ropes, the helium-filled hybrid airship can also piggyback 20 tons of supplies and serve across as a potentially useful cargo carrier. But for now, Northrop Grumman has slated the football-field-sized Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle to junket over Lakehurst, New Jersey in June, 2012.

Via: Wired

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