Lego Hindenburg: Scaled down model sports some impressive details

It is interesting how black and white images played over and over again can leave an impression on your mind that is ever-lasting. Maybe it is the influence television has on young minds. Maybe it is the impact of the image that you have just witnessed. But very few images of disasters have left bigger impression in our own minds than the flaming giant Zeppelin that rapidly fell to the ground. Even though we really did not know what it was, as young kids, it was an image we came across quite a few times and the ‘Hindenburg’ disaster has left quite a few distinct impressions in human history.

Lego Hindenburg
Lego Hindenburg

For starters, people most likely will think twice before getting into another Zeppelin design ever again. But this Lego Zeppelin though is something that should be pretty popular and will make for a great conversation piece. It surely makes heads turn with the intricate detailing and it has been crafted to an exact 1:100 scale. The model of the infamous Hindenburg is 245 cm long and 40 cm wide and has been crafted by Jeroen Ottens. This is one Zeppelin we will gladly approach without any fear.

There are no details on how many Lego pieces he took to get this one done or how long he spent on it. We have no doubt that this impressive scaled Lego model will have no problems docking with any display cabinet in the world.

Via: Freshgadgets

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