10.1-inch Android netbook spotted with Allwinner A10 chipset in China

Various tech makers have launched many Android-based tablets with Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processor. However, here is a new Android-based netbook powered by Allwinner A10 chipset. The unnamed Android machine is spotted by people at Shanzhaiben and it is available for grabs at 500 Yuan or at around $79. The 10.1-inch netbo...
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Lenovo surfaces ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook with 14-inch screen and Ivy Bridge

Chinese PC maker Lenovo has launched ThinkPad X1 Carbon, a new member to its X1 series of Ultrabooks. As its name suggests, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, becomes different from its predecessor with a carbon fiber case. The new Lenovo Ultrabook is further rich with a reworked 14-inch 1600 x 900 screen, Intel Ivy Bridge chips, option...
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Samsung unleashes new Ivy Bridge 17.3 inch Series 7 Notebook

If aesthetically trimmed down chassis with powerful features under the hood was taking a nap onto your list for ‘a perfect portable computing medium’, then here’s some good news for you. After coming up with several significant upgrades and models, Samsung has just removed the sheath of its latest 17.3-inch mid-range Se...
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HP introduces Envy Sleekbook with Intel Ivy Bridge and AMD Trinity

Along with its new line of ultra-thin Envy laptops and Ultrabooks, HP has introduced a new Envy Sleekbook. Two variants of the Sleekbook are to feature Intel and AMD’s latest processors, the Ivy Bridge and Trinity respectively. The world’s top vendor of PCs has wonderfully taken advantage of the new chips from the two riv...
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Sony announced its flagship ultrabook models in VAIO T series

When it come to ultrabooks, Sony was lacking far behind its competitors, but now Sony has debuted its flagship ultrabooks with VAIO T series in 11-inch and 13-inch models with Sandy Bridge processors, which will be out this month. Ta...
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LuvBook X Ultrabook with carbon fiber body breaks 1KG limit

Japan’s Mouse Computers has introduced the world’s first Ultrabook to break 1KG limit in weight. Called the LuvBook X, the second 11.6-inch Ultrabook is also the first notebook to be made of carbon-fiber. Maybe, the LuvBook X will be the first generation Ultrabook with Intel’s second generation Sandy Bridge chips. But i...
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New MacBook Pro to be built of lightweight Liquidmetal

Rumors over Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro/Air notebooks go wild. The 2012 upgrades of Pro and Air, expected to get official releases in next couple of months. We have just heard a ridiculous rumor that Apple may combine Pro and Air into a single notebook just called MacBook. Whatever it is, the most recent MacBook rumor say...
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Where are they: The most anticipated slider Ultrabooks

We are rapidly heading towards a world where small is indeed the ‘in thing’ and people want gadgets that can multitask and would want their one ‘magic’ device to do almost everything and anything possible. Integrating broad functionality with sleek form, while preserving performance and speed is the new challenge that...
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Intel announces a Windows 8 hybrid Ultrabook, the Letexo

Chip maker behemoth Intel has shown off prototype of an inventive Windows 8-based hybrid Ultrabook at IDF Beijing. The hybrid Ultrabook dubbed the Letexo, is a device that superbly combines tablet’s features and laptop’s flexibility. Thanks to its sliding full QWERTY keyboard, the Letexo simply transforms to a tablet, whi...
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Intel to enrich Ivy Bridge chips with Retina Display

Chip maker Intel has hinted that it is working to enhance the graphic and display performance support of its next-gen chips, perhaps the Ivy Bridge. The desktops, laptops and tablets that mount Intel’s new generation microprocessors will have screens with Retina-style clarity and perfection. Intel executive Kirk Skauge has ...
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