Kendall Harvey makes his own Tron Light Cycle for about $600

The entire ‘Tron’ universe does look pretty appealing with sleek bright lines and flowing design and if the movies have not floored you, then this real life Tron Light Cycle might. It is definitely one of the coolest things you will ever ride on the college campus and of course, the best time to take it out is after sundown. Kansas State freshman Kendall Harvey is the creative mind behind this wonderful improvisation and the best part is that it did not take him much more than $600 to craft the Light Cycle.

Tron Light Cycle
Tron Light Cycle

Not to say that the saving up of all that cash was easy for this college student as he did make a few sacrifices to fund his cool bike but the end result is surely worth the trouble. To create the effect of the lighting Harvey used 96 feet of electroluminescent wire that is powered by a 9v battery system. There is also a Backpack with speakers and Daft Punk album to create the sound of the Light Cycle noise and Harvey got most of the stuff that he needed for the bike from Craigslist and a local bike shop. Since it did not cost much more than $600, maybe other enthusiasts who are not as lazy as we are, can give it a shot.

Harvey did give a few details about how he built his Light cycle. He first put blue-board foam on to the frame of the bike and the fiber-glassed the whole thing. After that there is a bit of sanding and painting and then the electroluminescent wire goes on top with the help of material cement. Then you add on the wiring and the sound box for effect and you have your own Tron Light cycle. Trust us, it definitely sounds simpler than it actually is!

Via: Dailydot

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