Jellies of various colors and shapes form a Jell-O musical instrument

A pair of students from Paris has shaped a really stunning musical instrument. Different from a sitar, a tuba or a cello, what they have developed are merely a few Jell-O shapes. Well, the jelly which we used to prepare desserts or salads, discharges exciting music here. Named Noisy Jelly, the instrument utilizes jelly’s wiggling attribute along with advanced sensors and an Arduino microprocessor.

Jell-O musical instrument
Jell-O musical instrument

Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard, two students from the L’Ensci Les Ateliers are behind the innovative Jell-O musical instrument. They formed differently shaped and colored jellies and placed them on a capacitive sensor panel that mounts the Arduino processor to create the musical instrument. As the designers touch the jellies, they produce exciting notes, the same we can expect to come from the smooth jelly shapes.

It is such an amazing technology, because as one touches a jelly shape, it produces sweet music thanks to its wiggling shape. The particular characteristic of the jelly material disperse the finger vibrations across the stuff. Thus, even small vibrations will stimulate the Arduino board and thus produce the sound.

According to Pluvinage, to get the real feel of the jelly musical instrument one should touch the jellies. Indeed, touching the jelly is basically a nice and cold experience. Since they produce music in response to your touches, it will be further amazing, indeed. Check out the video below to see how the Noisy Jelly really produces the music. The designers of the project use jellies of various colors and shapes to have a fresh musical experience.

Jell-O musical instrumentMild touches on jelly shapes play the Jell-O musical instrument

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