Jeffrey’s Bracelet Watch concept displays the time in blocks

Netherlands designer Jeffrey’s Bracelet Watch with Blocks of Time is a highly exciting wristwatch design. The bracelet watch requires the user to read time counting particular blocks. It has been quite interesting to read about watches that feature some kind of blocks to identify the time and date. Recently we learned about an LED or LCD blocks-powered hybrid wristwatch from the U.K designer Peter. The new Bracelet Watch with Blocks is slightly different from the Peter’s piece with new types of blocks for time reading.

Bracelet Watch with Blocks of Time
Bracelet Watch with Blocks of Time

Jeffery has designed his bracelet watch concept with a set of blocks for hours, minutes and seconds. To show the AM and PM difference, the watch rocks four large blocks each representing 6 hours; two for AM and two for PM. Twelve blocks stand for the hours. These blocks cover twenty four hours along with a change of AM and PM. For easy reading of time, the 12 blocks for hours are divided to four groups of 3 hours. Then, there are 60 blocks each for minutes and seconds on the watch.

Everyone can learn to check time on the Bracelet Watch in a few minutes effort. The watch doesn’t look like a sci-fi or imaginative product. One doesn’t need to be a genius to read time on the Bracelet Watch with Blocks of Time, Jeffery says. It can simply be developed thanks to the current progress in display technologies.

In fact, the designer foresees the trendy youths aged between 16 and 26 as the potential customers of this fashionable and eccentric watch. As a whole, the Bracelet Watch with Blocks looks a straightforward and simple design. Both production and use of this wristwatch are simply possible.

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