iPhone cover is Cold War era spy camera replica

Fans love the distinct and fascinating aspects of antique items. Though people may have their pick of stylish and high-tech digital cameras, there will be some who want to remember the hand-focused lenses and optical viewfinders of olden-day cameras. The Four Corner Store has the perfect case for those who are nostalgic; the Gizmon iCA Military Edition Case has been specially designed for the iPhone 4/4S. It has all the favorable features and conventional elements of the Leica rangefinder camera, giving your favorite Apple phone a classic touch.

Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case
Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case

25 polycarbonate pieces form the construct of the case to recreate the recognized Leica look. Attention has been paid to the little details to make the design accurate. Serious photography enthusiasts can use the detachable tripod mount attached to the bottom of the case and the real optical viewfinder to click pictures. Additional accessories, the fisheye lens and the macro lens that fasten onto the case, can be purchased for extra utility.

Despite all the attractive facets, the “lens” is nothing more than a mirror in the center for arranging self portraits. Interested customers can pre-order the Gizmon iCA Military Edition Case and they will receive it on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. The expected price is $70.00.

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