Intel unveils Next Unit of Computing, handy computer board

Worldwide leader in processor manufacturing, Intel sees a rising market for minimal computers and shows off a new concept that is known as NUC or Next Unit of Computing. Demonstrated at Intel’s 12 Platinum Summit in London, NUC is the smallest computer board measuring only 10cm by 10cm compared to mini-ITX at 17cm by 17cm. Intel NUC will be released in four versions, two for the digital signage and two for the consumer market.

Next Unit of Computing
Next Unit of Computing

Even with compact dimensions Intel has included a space for various other components from Core i3 processor to Thunderbolt, WLAN, USB, HDMI and Bluetooth. All circuits are of the same type that are commonly found in laptops and are soldered. Designed to work with i3 processor, but with low power consumption and heat generation it can also handle a high power chip.

With NUC Intel has managed to build a form factor that is rather impressive. Price wise it would not be as cheap as the Raspberry Pi which is at $35 but judging by its features, it can be priced at $100. According to Intel’s senior product marketing engineer, Fred Birang the NUC is expected to arrive in the second half of the year and targeted primarily at kiosks and digital signage. With NUC Intel is definitely taking a step further in small PC boards.

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