How to install Android SDK and root Kindle Fire

Rooting of Amazon Kindle Fire is dependent on installation of Android SDK. The steps taken in installing Android SDK and rooting of Kindle fire after the installation are explained very clearly in the project. You need to be a little expert in handling the software and their installation as it requires some knowledge of the setting of right path i.e. where to install the software and should be a little careful in editing the file of the installed software in order to make it compatible for rooting of Kindle Fire.

Android SDK and root Kindle Fire
Android SDK and root Kindle Fire

Difficulty level: Moderately challenging

Time required:

It depends upon person to person. If you are good at installation process you may hardly take 15 to 20 minutes in both the cases that is for installing Android SDK and to root Kindle Fire.

Estimated cost: NA

Resources required:

a. Amazon Kindle Fire:

In order to root the Kindle Fire tablet you need to have the following resources.

  1. PC with Windows 7 Operating System.
  2. Android SDK set up to be installed.
  3. USB cable which helps to connect your tablet to PC.
b. Android SDK:

In order to install Android SDK setup you need have the following resources.

  1. PC with Windows Xp, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows Vista Operating System.
  2. Ubunto 9.10(Linux) or MAC OS X 10.5.8.
  3. Eclipse IDE installed.
  4. JDK 5 installed.
  5. Apache Ant 1.8 installed.
Instructions:Steps for rooting amazon kindle fire:

1. Initially you need to install Android SDK.

2. Now go to the folder where Android SDK has been installed, Precisely into folder google usb driver folder and and find android _winusb.inf file and open it up with notepad and paste the following code in both sections, Google.Nt X86 and Google.amd64 ans save the file.

;Kindle Fire

%SingleAdbInterFace%=USB_Install, USBVID_1949&PID_0006



3. Just create adb_usb.ini file and save it in .android folder. Now in notepad type 0x1949 and save it with same name. Now go to the user login which you use copy paste this file into .android folder below the name folder.

4. Now connect the tablet to PC.

5. Now go to device manager in my computer and in other devices find Kindle fire and right click and update its driver software.

6. Browse the file android_usbwin.inf in google usbdrivers folder and install it.

7. Check whether Android SDK recognizes Kindle Fire, in command prompt go to the folder in which it is installed using cd command type adb kill server and adb devices for which you get the reply as demon started successfully.

8. Now the software is being succesfsully installed on Kindle Fire you just need to extract it. Thus rooting is done.

Steps to install Android SDK:

1. Download the complete package of Android SDK. Then click on the .exe file.

2. In windows OS right click on my computer, go to properties tab and in that select environment variables click on path and paste the path of the root directory where it is installed.

3. Install Eclipse software and update install Android eclipse plugin ( ADT).

4. In order to install ADT you should start eclipse go to help and click software update in that find and install, you can see find new and install next give it a name android plug in and then next it is downloaded but not installed.

5. Now go to that folder and install it manually and restart the eclipse.

6. You also need Java. download JDK 6 and install.

7. Now you can run android applications and even can debug them if possible.

Frequently asked questions:

Installing Android SDK:

1. How to update and get plugin for Andriod (ADT).

2. How to set the path for Android SDK after installation.

Root Kindle Fire:

1. Where to edit the file.

2. Where to copy android_usbwin.ini file.

3. How to check whether Andriod SDK recognizes Kindle Fire or not.

4. How to update Kindle Fire software.

Quick tips:

Rooting Kindle Fire:

1. Be carefully and paste the given code exactly into the file in between google NT X86 and Google amd 64 with out any error and don't forget to save it.

2. After connecting the tablet do not forget to update the software of the tablet.

Android SDK:

1. Be precise while providing the path.

2. Do not forget to install Eclipsce update for Android.

3. Do not forget to install Java (JDK 6.0).

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