IBM envisions Multitouch Floor that could act as security system & emergency service

Uncovering patent applications can sometimes show how firms are planning the future direction of their products. Apple’s patents seem to constantly make a buzz in the gadget world, but here is a patent application from IBM that really seems to have hit on something. IBM have applied for a patent on ‘Multitouch Floor’ technology that will enable them to design floors of future homes that are smart enough to identify who is in the home, welcome its residents, open doors for them, switch on lights and pretty much offers services the moment your feet hit the floor!

Multitouch Floor
Multitouch Floor

The technology is based on a Multitouch floor which will have data of all the residents of the house based on the size and shape of their feet, their weight and the number of feet that are in contact with the floor (in case of pets) This way the interface linked to it can identify individually every single family member and cater its services to their needs. It also acts as an excellent security system as it can identify anyone who steps on the floor and does not match the profile that is already in the database.

There are added advantages of the Multitouch floor like emergency medical services. If it finds any member of the family lying on the floor, it can immediately check their vital stats and place a call to 911 to ensure medical service is provided in time. The floor can also count the number of people on it and this feature will enable parents to receive an immediate text when their kids are throwing an impromptu party. IBM has not yet made it clear on where, when and how it intends to use this kind of a Multitouch floor, if ever. But we sure would like to give the prototype a try!

Via: Innovationnewsdaily

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