Hair Me: A hairstyle tool concept containing cartridges with nanobots

Hair Me is an innovative design to color and cut your hair to form a new hairstyle. The device concept for 2050 was put on display at the Henkel Innovation Challenge 2011. Hair Me was designed by a team of three designers from the University of Zagreb. They are Vladislav Perusko and Sanja Zeljkovic from the Faculty of Economics and Business and Luka Jelaska from the Faculty of Architecture, School of Design. The groundbreaking product is capable to color and cut your hair as per a hairstyle that you can set on your smartphone. Of course, Hair Me will be connected with your smartphone and a hair recognition application.

Hair Me
Hair Me

Hair Me contains cartridges with nanobots, which will spray color to your hair. You can now set a new hairstyle in help of a smartphone and Hair Me device. For the purpose, you have to upload a clear picture of you with full face on Hair Me app. You can then set a color and hairstyle, which will be actualized by the Hair Me device. Otherwise, you can directly record yourself on “hair recognition” app, which can identify your hair and show you how you will look like with various hairstyles. You can select one hairstyle, which Hair Me will realize with its capability to cut and color your hair.

Hair Me is one of innovative designs that modern day designers work with. Designers and engineers are in efforts to make life as simple as possible with the latest technologies. For this, they develop unforeseen technologies, products and concepts. Of course, concepts of today realize next day. There are many enthusiastic and hard working engineers, who work on to realize many stunning concepts, put forward by designers and others. Of course, Hair Me is one of such projects.

Hair Me
Hair Me

You have to install the Hair Me app to work with the device on your smartphone. After uploading your image to the app, you can set a color and style for you hair. It is as easy as you work with any image editing tool. But the difference is that the changes you make will be realized via Hair Me app possibly in help of Bluetooth. The device will make respective changes to your hair. Thus, you get a stunning hairstyle in great color.

No more details about Hair Me are available at this point of time. It is not clear whatever components and communication methods are with the hairstyle fixing device. It is certain, however, that the device works with cartridges with nanobots that help color and cut hair. Designers of the groundbreaking device propose the concept for 2050. It will realize only when some enthusiastic engineers work on it. Once realized, getting a gorgeous hairstyle will be an easy job for users.

Hair MeHair Me contains cartridges with nanobots

Via: Behance Network

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