Laser-Controlled Aimer fitted Predator Biker Helmet is cool but might get you killed

Being a biker isn’t as cool as it was a few decades ago. Not only is the entire lightweight carbon fiber monocoque and clean burning fuel thing...
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Hand cranked EcoFan will never run out of power

Personal fan are definitely not a new invention by any stretch of the imagination. Petite handheld fans have been carried by ladies in warmer reg...
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Logitech launches wireless H820e headset

Bluetooth headsets are all the rage these days though it is certainly heartening to see manufacturers like Logitech creating products like the Wi...
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Navevo ProNav HGV Cyclist Alert to warn truckers of high-cyclist zones

HGV (heavy-goods vehicles) drivers have been benefitting from the satellite navigation solutions offered by Navevo for a while now though the tec...
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Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art is the world's first constant aperture zoom lens

Professional photogs may pride themselves on their latest Canon or Nikon lens though the all new Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art is one product tha...
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Skydog Smart Router lets you control your home network with an app

Free firmware for routers like Hyper-WRT, Tomato and DD-WRT certainly do extend the functionality of certain models though most of these aren’t...
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MSI launches AG2712 All-In-One Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are quite handy when it comes to meeting the needs of hardcore gamers. Even though most gamers choose to assemble their own PCs to sui...
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$12 cellphone puts the game in perspective for you

Back in the good old days and by the good old days we mean the days before our personal wishes skyrocketed and having a $400 smartphone became a ...
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Smart PJs come with interactive storybook books built in

Reading bedtime stories to kids while tucking them in for the night can be a great bonding experience for parents. But having to read the same st...
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Earthbound set to debut on Wii U Virtual Console later in 2013

The game Earthbound has been a Nintendo favorite for ages now though for some odd reason, the company has not been too keen on reviving it for yo...
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