55-inch LG OLED TV with curved display to ship starting in June

If you remember curved screen colored television sets of yore and are old enough to remember how television manufacturers told us that flat scree...
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Golden Dreams and Mansory create limited edition 24K gold iPhone 5

Swiss customizer Mansory is known for tuning premium automobiles for luxury-loving clientele. The company that has customized almost every luxury...
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Next-gen Xbox with Blu-ray drive will reportedly sell for $499

Microsoft has announced that it will launch the next generation of the Xbox console in two versions in November later this year. Reports suggest ...
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GO!Scan 3D portable 3D scanner is really quite amazing

3D printers are awesome. A lot of people are claiming that these would bring about a revolution in manufacturing in the years to come. However, t...
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Snapzoom helps smartphones take telephoto through binoculars

Daniel Fujikake and Mac Nguyen are a pair of inventors based in Honolulu. Living in a place that is dubbed paradise on earth by half the world’...
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Nintendo Miiverse launched online in a beta version

Nintendo took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that its Miiverse would now be accessible online. What this basically means is that for the fir...
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U.S. Cellular set to ship Galaxy S4 this Friday

Completely smooth and glossy, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has become quite the darling of the communications world. People across the globe are buying ...
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Generate electricity for your devices with the Atom Generator by Siva Cycle

Bicycle accessories company Siva Cycle was founded by engineer and inventor Aaron Latzke and energy and sustainability professional David Delcour...
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Marvel released Iron Man-themed Mark 42 Mouse

The latest installment of the Iron Man movie franchise is all set to hit theaters soon and the frenzy around it has already begun. Apart from all...
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Fritz animated robotic head could traumatize kid or make them smarter

Back in the 70s and 80s, working in robotics was the coolest kind of job a kid could wish for his adult life. Robots that looked like human were ...
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