DrinkSavy creates the world’s first anti-date rape drug glasses and straws

Known to the world as Rohipnol, Roipnol, Rohypnol, Rufinol, Narcozep, Flunitrazepam‎ or plain old Roofies, the date rape drug has caused many w...
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Buffalo BSMPB08 mobile battery charger will keep your smartphone powered up on the go

Even though the iPhone is perhaps the most imitated smartphone on the planet, it suffers from one major drawback- its battery cannot be removed w...
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This printed Robot can assemble itself

For all the machine-fueled doomsday scenarios we have been given courtesy of science fiction so far, the one with Transformers or transforming ma...
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Microsoft Windows Blue update to begin shipping this holiday season

Microsoft started naming its OSes for the years they were released in to stay away from what was considered the regular way of naming products in...
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Thinking, learning HIRO has iRobot implications we’re not too thrilled about

Have you seen iRobot? Or the Terminator series? Or The Matrix? Or any other sci-fi flick where intelligent machines kill humans and take over the...
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Solar Powered Window Socket is the best portable green charger ever

We all know that solar power is the future of energy as we slowly begin to enter the era that is going to see the decline of the grid electricity...
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Homedia will make you look at your TV in a brand new light

There was time when the television was an integral part of home décor. If you had grandparents that held on to every piece of furniture that the...
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Amazon Android app store launched in China

The People’s Republic for China may be the place where a bulk of the world’s most high tech gadgets are manufactured, but the citizens of thi...
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Images of rumored LG Optimus G2 smartphone leaked

The smartphone world is getting increasingly competitive and these days inside sources don’t even wait for the manufacturer to officially relea...
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Neck Cooling and Massager kills two birds with one stone

Summers can bring with them a bunch of bodily ailments. Most of these often originate with food that goes bad quicker though sitting directly in ...
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