Novo single lens reflex camera is the tiniest one of them all

Cameras these days are getting smaller indeed. The bulky Polaroid instant cams of yore have been replaced by compact digital cameras and cameraph...
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Hisense Sero 7 Pro Tablet is just like Nexus 7 but costs $50 less

Budget Chinese tablet maker Hisense is all set to release the new Hisense Sero 7 tablet in the U.S. market soon. The Android tablet is officially...
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Archos 80 xenon tablet with 3G and Play Store launched

Archos may not be the biggest name in the tablet business but it certainly is one of the better selling ones these days. As the brand’s followi...
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iPhone 5 case camera case also serves as a stand

The iPhone, like all other smartphones out in the market at the moment, is devised to let users to access a world of information at a single touc...
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Sensor glove helps detect toxic substances in air by changing color

People that work in chem labs or in other such high risk environments always face the risk of getting exposed to harmful chemicals. So far, the o...
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Samsung may debut 1Gbps 5G mobile broadband speeds by 2020

While mobile manufacturers in the rest of the world is still working hard to ensure that the top end of their devices ranges get 4G working on th...
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SMART Cycling Helmet will let bikers know their vital stats in real time

In extreme conditions, bikers have a hard time keeping track of their vitals. The SMART Cycling Helmet is one such device that has been developed...
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Teaser images of Xbox 720 Destiny show a futuristic moon

The sci-fi genre has always seen a little obsessed with the moon even though major space agencies of the world have not been so keen on our plane...
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Thanko Night Vision Scope would be very handy against the zombies

Anyone who has watched the 2007 Spanish supernatural/zombie horror flick Rec (which was made into the 2008 American zombie/supernatural horror mo...
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Sony VAIO Duo 13 hybrid-slider with Windows 8 spotted on YouTube

Rumors just sending shockwaves across the blogosphere suggest that a new version of the VAIO Duo 11 convertible hybrid notebook by Sony has just ...
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