Razer launches new Blade laptop series

PC gamers generally prefer desktops to laptops when it comes to investing in a high performing gaming machine. However, there are a lot of people...
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60 meters of flexible arm makes Gunegune Wi-Fi camera a photog’s dream

If you have been bitten by the photography bug, you know just how painful it can be when you can’t capture a scene from a particular angle. Eve...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn't infringe on iPad says Dutch Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has ruled Apple’s claims that Samsung had infringed on its iPad design for the Galaxy Tab is not valid. Th...
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A Firefox OS tablet from Mozilla/Foxconn may be on the way

Looks like the tablet market is all set to expand in a really drastic way. According to a new report that has made its way onto the blogosphere, ...
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Amber Brown Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 leaked

Just last month Samsung released its much anticipated Galaxy Note 8.0. The model was launched only in white and rumors claimed that the next colo...
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iControl Bluetooth keyboard is also a remote control and a Bluetooth handset

A lot of people aren’t too happy with Apple’s iPhone these days, especially folks that are surrounded by Samsung loyalists who miss no chance...
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The unit will allow users to use the battery to take their PCs with them without requiring proximity

The HP ENVY Rove 20 is all set to be the manufacturer’s first mobile all-in-one PC and reports claim that the massive slate will feature a 20 i...
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Lumigrid LED Bicycle Light could help cyclists avoid bumps in the road

If you’ve ever ridden your bicycle at night, you certainly know how perilous even the simplest route and the smoothest road can become with the...
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Nokia Lumia 925 comes with numerous upgrades over the Lumia 920

Nokia have expanded their Lumia 920 flagship with the Nokia Lumia 925 phone which comes with a few changes and upgrades over its predecessor. The...
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Flickr gets a new business model, a new app and a whole new face

Yahoo may be in the news today for buying Tumblr but for fans of Flickr, its trusted photo sharing service, the company is launching a bunch of n...
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