Citi Research predicts dismal future for the PC industry

Citi Research’s findings have been the go to place for investors to get the best possible advice on where they should put their money. The comp...
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Spinpod lets you take perfect panoramic pictures

The panorama function has got to be the most attractive innovation made in modern photography in the recent years. However, one of the biggest dr...
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Vololights provide enhanced visibility to bikers

Bikers that are riding in traffic are often placed in a high risk situation when they fail to adequately make their intensions clear to the drive...
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New Sony Vaio Duo takes Slider Hybrid concept one step ahead

Sony launched its stunning new Vaio Duo hybrid at the Computex 2013 where the design grabbed a lot of eyeballs for its innovative make. Basically...
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Baidu IME will guilt you up if your try to uninstall it

Back in the good old days, when you tried to uninstall software, it simply asked “Do you want to uninstall this product?” and gave you a “y...
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Qualcomm chip could be standard on Windows 8.1 tablets of the future

Chipmaker Qualcomm has announced that its Snapdragon 800 could be the standard powerhouse for the next generation of Windows RT tablets. The anno...
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ASUS VivoPC and VivoMouse will make gamers very happy indeed

ASUS has been a world leader in gaming PCs and laptops for quite some time now. And now the company is launching a new gaming PC and mouse set th...
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iXoost iPhone Dock costs as much as a used car but makes a great sound system

If you have every been a fan of high powered muscle cars and you own an iDevice, then you need to have the iXoost iPhone Dock in your repertoire ...
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GIF-TY lets you make flip books out of short GIFs

Back before Gameboy and smartphones become the play of choice for school kids, they used to amuse themselves with paper planes, DIY toys, doodles...
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Samsung SM-C101 spotted at the FCC

It’s been less than a couple of weeks since we first found the Samsung SM-C101 doing the rounds of the Bluetooth SIG and now we find that the s...
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