Toshiba debuts new Portege Z10t detachable Ultrabook

Following the announcement of the new Intel Ultrabook Detachable and Ultrabook Convertible, the company has publically stated that the brand woul...
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Apple may reveal revamped Mac Pro soon

Anyone who has been following the Apple iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 war has already seen just how brutally the Asian super brand has beaten it...
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2D Wife app will let you pocket your Virtual Girlfriend

If you’re honey and without a girlfriend and you happen to live in Japan, you have a lot of options to help you, er, relieve your sexual tension....
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Indian engineers invent rape preventing taser-fitted bra with GPS capability

The Delhi Braveheart case where a female physiotherapy student was gangraped and mutilated badly has shaken the entire nation and the world. Not ...
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Touch & Go Kiosks to digitize travel info in New York City subways

New Yorkers pride themselves on the intimate knowledge of their city’s subways and metro routes. For someone who has come to the city for the f...
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New HTC Facebook Phone images leaked

When a company says that they are going to reveal a new phone that is centered on a specific social media network, you have to wonder if they are...
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Tascam reveals DSLR-compatible DR-60D audio recorder

For filmmakers and videographers who work on-set and employ DSLRs for video capturing, a new audio recorder has been announced by Tascam. Dubbed ...
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PV panel cleaning robot would work without water or soap

Installing solar panels on the roof of the house or a commercial complex has become quite commonplace and most municipal agencies also provide lu...
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Patents office denies Apple trademark for iPad Mini name

It’s not every day that we hear that Apple has been shabby with its patent work. Heck, they have even dragged rival Samsung to court over it an...
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au zzzPhoneBed by KDDI is the biggest and highest resolution smartphone in the world

KDDI is a cellular service provider based in Japan which owns the au brand. Nemool Smith is the chief hardware architect and product designer at ...
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