Google partners with Asus to build its 7-inch Android tablet!

Are we going to get the rumored ‘Google Nexus tablet’ from Asus? The Taiwanese tech blog DigiTimes says Google has almost partnered with Asus to build a 7-inch Android tablet, which will be priced only half of Apple’s iPad. If the rumor runs true, Amazon will have to be fretful of its Kindle Fire’s fate.

Asus to build a cheap tablet
Asus to build a cheap tablet

DigiTimes further goes to add that the 7-inch tablet, co-branded by Google and Asus, will land in stores in May this year. Then, will Asus go and tweak its CES 2012-annoucned 7-incher MeMo for Google? Or will it produce a brand new tablet? Maybe we will have an Asus-built Google Nexus tablet, which has been in whispers for a while.

Anyway, such a device will be priced in between $199 and $249 as DigiTimes Adam Hwang deduces. Google will have to challenge the prices of both iPad and Kindle Fire with its tablet. The report adds that the tablet will be shipped with Google’s newly re-branded Play Store for apps. It will likely to come up with NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor with 1GB of RAM and enhanced memory options. It will run on the recent Android update, possibly Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and there will be dual cameras as well.

Rumors over Google Nexus tablet have been there for some time. The Mountain View firm has its own Nexus Android smartphone series, produced by Samsung. As a whole, it makes sense to hear that Asus will be Google’s hardware partner to develop a cheap tablet. The Taiwan firm is better known for its potential to develop low-end netbooks, tablets and other products.

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