Panasonic shows off new 100-lumen, 7.5mm-thick laser projector prototype

It may look like the alien machines from the Steven Spielberg movie War of the Worlds, but this little optical imaging unit aka OIU (which is just a fancy name for a laser projector) claims to be the slimmest 100 lumen laser projector in the world. Created by Panasonic, the OIU was shown off at the CEATEC 2012 albeit in a pro...
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Libratone Zipp Wireless Speaker takes AirPlay to the next level

Apple-centric speakers are a dime a dozen in the market today though the Zipp wireless speaker by Danish audio accessories manufacturer Libratone is by far the prettiest one we have seen. Using the Apple AirPlay tech in a Wi-Fi free peer-to-peer setup through a new application called the “PlayDirect”, the wireless speaker...
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Brookestone 4-in-1 Power Charger simplifies power management

In today’s world, most of us simply cannot live without our cellphones and keeping the devices charged through the day can be a bit of a challenge. Most people tend to carry a bunch of chargers to keep their mobile phones juiced up through the day though failing to pack a single one of these can result in disasters like bei...
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Lenovo ThinkPad 2 set to be released on October 26

The battle for world domination in the tablet computing segment is really heating up and major tablet-makers are hard at work trying to not only outdo each other in terms of features but also in churning out newer and fresher versions of their best-selling units. Lenovo may not exactly have the big sales numbers as Samsung, A...
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The Popinator Project makes popcorn eating a handsfree experience

You know you are the laziest person in the world when you’d go through the trouble of inventing a whole darned machine that would relieve you of the burden of having to move your arms to pop popcorn into your own mouth. Well, at least that’s what we think the makers of this brand new invention are. The device is known as ...
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Nintendo WiiPad will not be sold separately in US for now

The tablet-like WiiPad for the Wii U is the revolutionary next step in the evolution of controllers for the icon gaming console. Fitted with a touchscreen flanked by controllers on the sides, the WiiPad can be used to play games when the TV is turned off. The gamepad also offers users the ability to interact with the game fur...
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Intel Core i7 CPU fitted Coca-Cola vending machine

Coke vending machines are something of a staple at most employee lounges, school cafeterias and convention centers. Interacting with vending machines is a part of people’s daily lives though it is a little surprising that they have not evolved technologically to keep up with the iDevice generation. However, a new Coca-Cola ...
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Bose SoundLink Air Wireless Music System syncs with all your iDevices

Speaker technology giant Bose has just released an all-new wireless speaker system especially designed for Apple devices. Named the SoundLink Air digital, the music system is designed to deliver powerful and clear sound via Bluetooth and AirPlay. The music system comprises of a single piece wireless speaker that can be synced...
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ESCORT demos SmartRadar Bluetooth enabled Radar Detector and Live Ticket protection app

Internationally renowned maker of premium automotive products and accessories ESCORT Inc. is showcasing its Bluetooth enabled SmartRadar Radar/Laser Detector in New York this week at the press event for the 2012 ShowStoppers for the Digital Holidays. The detector is designed for car owners and driver who want to install a no-...
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Netgear Powerline Music Extender turns any outlet into a music source

The Powerline range of products from Netgear are a set of wonderful add ons that allow users to turn any power outlet in the house into a networking outlet even if the room has no Wi-Fi support or Ethernet jack. The company is now taking their game up a notch with the Powerline Music Extender which can create an internet conn...
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