Canon EOS 550D

Looking for a really good camcorder which not just boasts about what it could do but actually does so as well? What you actually need is Canon EOS 550D camcorder. The day you will bring this product home you will be thrilled with the whole new photography...
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The EOS 5D Mark II is a product of Canon that has very high digital SLR. It has very excellent sharpness and brightness. It contains rear LCD that makes its images larger in compare to other cameras. The coverage of this camera is almost about 100 percent...
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Canon EOS-1D X

If you are looking for something which is more than just a camera then nothing can be better than Canon EOS-1D X. If you want to get better images which are more bright and sharp then you must get this camera as it has the support of the ISO 50. ISO 50 is...
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Nikon D3X

Nikon belts out another DSLR camera named Nikon D3X mainly aiming at professional photographers. It was announced in the months of December 2008 and is the third camera in its category that hires a full scaffold “FX format” sensor. Taking into...
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Nikon D4

Nikon has introduced a new camera. This new flagship product of Nikon is the Nikon D4 of the D-SLR lineup. The camera is made for professionals and has got all the features to take the perfect shot. Striking a great balance between the resolution and sens...
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Nikon D800

Photography is indeed an art and there are many advanced gadgets in the market today which can help you take some really impressive photographs in jiff. Today’s digital camera comes with innumerable features and these modern features take photograph...
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Olympus VR-340

Olympus VR-340 is a pocket friendly point and shoot camera which you can carry around easily and which comes loaded with a variety of features. The 16 MP lens allows you to give a freshness to your photos. The 3’’ LCD display screen enables yo...
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Olympus VR-350

Loaded with a 16MP sensor, the Olympus VR-350 is a little wonder. From taking crystal clear snaps to making HD videos, it does it all. The 10X Ultra-wide angle zoom lens allows you get closer to the object and captures everything. The Magic Art Filter fea...
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Samsung HMX-300BP

The latest from the Samsung camcorder family is the Samsung HMX-300BP which is loaded with all the features that you want in your camcorder. From Full HD video recording to wind filter, Samsung HMX300-BP has it all. One of the amazing things about this pr...
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Samsung HMX-Q10BP

When the Q10 was made, Samsung had two things in mind - price economy and universal usage. The first was achieved through a very competitive price while the second was achieved in a very unique and special manner - the camcorder can be held and used in ei...
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Samsung SMX-45BP

The Samsung SMX-K45BP is yet another budget camcorder and packed with some features which make this product quite unique and desirable. It has a LCD display panel (10.2”) and is a DIRECTV receiver. Its swivel design is very exquisite. Also, one of i...
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Sony HDR-PJ50E

The Sony HDR-PJ50E HDD PAL not only a Camcorder -- it’s an inbuilt projector. The leading electronic gadgets maker Sony has recently launched its all new HDR-PJ50E. The device is more than what we expect. The PJ50E allows us to watch videos on the 6...
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Sony HDR-XR160E

Sony has launched an amazing camcorder in the form of the Sony HDR-XR160E. This product is capable of recording videos at high definition 1080/60p. It comes in with a 160 GB hard disk drive. The recording quality is maintained even under low light conditi...
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