Faster iPhone app keeps pace of your workouts with your favorite tracks

Music can certainly boost up your workouts. Listening to your favorite songs will stimulate you to perform more in gymnasiums or marathon races. As per Dr Costas Karageorghis, an expert on the impact of music on workouts, music is a legal drug for athletes and it can boost a racer’s performance by 15 percent. Anyway, here we talk about an iPhone app from start-up PerSpecDev, dubbed the Faster. The app will let you run harder, longer and as well as faster. Let’s see how it works.

Faster app
Faster app

Faster app helps a runner set a desired distance to be covered and target time to be taken for a race. Making use of Global Positioning System, the app will keep pace of the race by slowing down the music if he/she doesn’t keep up well. Of course, it is proven that the app works really fantastic. Users, especially those who take part in Rock'n'Roll marathon races can use the app to show a stable performance.

After the run, users can access complete details of the race. The app will display lots of details like average speed, average pace, energy consumed and much more. Faster also connects with Game Center so that users can earn badges and share and compare performances with friends.

PerSpecDev claims that Faster is the only iPhone app that does this job. Whatever exercises you do with Faster, it will give you a really new experience to have an option that brings exact workout feedback in help of your favorite music tracks. The app is available for grabs on App Store for $1.99.

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