Xcaster ST5000: a Wireless HD communication camera

If the global economic crisis continues the way it currently is, the vending of big utility tech items could face a doom, and the next-gen high-definition could be a grave sufferer too. With ambitions to prove otherwise, Pixavi has revealed the Xcaster, a wireless high-definition communication camera capable of collaboration and video conferencing. Targeted at the small and large business units alike, the Xcaster is expected to provide efficiency and cost-saving functions.

xcaster st 5000
xcaster st 5000

Built in high quality Norwegian aluminum, the Xcaster is compact and rugged, offering HD video and CD quality audio to any computer in telepresence and video conferencing. The Xcaster with high speed wireless 802.11n and Bluetooth can be connected to any place using any standard internet connection or a satellite link, allowing the users to solve problems with visual discussions and collaboration. If you’re game for the Xcaster, then you’ll have to wait until May, when it will be available for $7950.

Via: PRWeb

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